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Welcome to the latest edition of our API documentation! Our API provides a way for our dealers to communicate with our system by transmitting data over the internet.

Before you begin

If you're reading this page, chances are you are interested in obtaining data from us in a server-to-server automated fashion. If you are not, you may find the Data Depot download area more useful as it allows you to download the data in a point-and-click fashion for import into your system. The API is designed to be used by programmers who are familiar with the transmission of data via HTTP in a RESTful way. If you do not understand what those technologies mean, you may need to hire a programmer or recruit additional help from a third party. Simply put, if you are a programmer, I.T. manager, and/or a technology professional seeking a way to acquire and transmit data to and from Western Power Sports, continue reading.

Getting started

To start using our API, the first thing you must do is sign-up for access. Our API requires that you fill out the sign-up form and obtain approval before you can begin sending HTTP requests.


Fitment data requires an additional level of authorization. After signing up and being set up in our system, users are able to consume all of our web services with the exception of fitment data. Users must request fitment access from their rep. Before attempting to make web service requests to our fitment data users must contact their sales representative for more information on obtaining access.

Once approved, fitment data can be retrieved from a combination of our Item service (get all the vehicles that fit an item) and our Vehicle service (get all make/model/years).

Optionally, if you are approved for fitment, you can also export fitment manually through the Items by Vehicle tool in the Data Depot downloads.

Order Processing

Order processing services (create cart, add items, submit cart) have not yet been implemented into the Version 3 API. In order to process orders in an automated fashion you will need to continue to use the order processing services in Version 2 API.

Alternative documentation

If you are interested, additional documentation can be found at and This documentation is system-generated by our API in an automated fashion so it may not sufficiently explain our services. Be sure to check out the swagger documentation as it even includes an option to try out a specific request by clicking the "Try it out" button.