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Scorcher 11
Co-branded for Select Harley-Davidson Motorcycles


  • Outstanding Grip: Semi-slick tread pattern maximizes the contact patch for excellent adhesion on dry roads. Optimized tread groove design efficiently evacuates water for dependable wet grip
  • Excellent Tread Life: Derived from Michelin's championship winning race tires, newly developed rubber compounds combine durability and high performance
  • Precise Handling: The latest generation of Michelin radial* technology allows for easy maneuverability and impressive agility

*The 100/80-17 Scorcher 11 tire is a bias tire.

  Outstanding Grip: Semi-slick tread pattern maximizes the contact patch for excellent adhesion
Item #DescriptionExt. DescriptionListImage
87-9416TIRE 100/80-17F SCORCHER 1152HTIRE 100/80-17F SCORCHER 11 52 H$190.95TIRE 100/80-17F SCORCHER 11
87-9417TIRE 140/75R17F SCORCHER 1167VTIRE 140/75R17F SCORCHER 11 67 V$250.95TIRE 140/75R17F SCORCHER 11
87-9418TIRE 120/70ZR18F SCORCHER 11F59WTIRE 120/70ZR18F SCORCHER 11F 59W$255.95TIRE 120/70ZR18F SCORCHER 11F
87-9419TIRE 120/70ZR18F SCORCHER 11T59WTIRE 120/70ZR18F SCORCHER 11T 59W$265.95TIRE 120/70ZR18F SCORCHER 11T
87-9420TIRE 120/70ZR19F SCORCHER 1160WTIRE 120/70ZR19F SCORCHER 11 6 0W$265.95TIRE 120/70ZR19F SCORCHER 11
87-9423TIRE 140/75R15R SCORCHER 1165HTIRE 140/75R15R SCORCHER 11 65 H$267.95TIRE 140/75R15R SCORCHER 11
87-9424TIRE 150/60ZR17R SCORCHER 1166WTIRE 150/60ZR17R SCORCHER 11 6 6W$246.95TIRE 150/60ZR17R SCORCHER 11
87-9425TIRE 150/7017R SCORCHER 11T69WTIRE 150/7017R SCORCHER 11T 69 W$261.95TIRE 150/7017R SCORCHER 11T
87-9426TIRE 180/55ZR17R SCORCHER 1173WTIRE 180/55ZR17R SCORCHER 11 7 3W$379.95TIRE 180/55ZR17R SCORCHER 11
87-9427TIRE 200/55R17R SCORCHER 1178VTIRE 200/55R17R SCORCHER 11 78 V$304.95TIRE 200/55R17R SCORCHER 11
87-9428TIRE 240/40R18R SCORCHER 1179VTIRE 240/40R18R SCORCHER 11 79 V$374.95TIRE 240/40R18R SCORCHER 11