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Scorcher 31
for Select H-D Dyna, Sportster and Touring Models


  • Cruise with Confidence: Innovative rubber compounds, incorporating know-how derived from Michelin's decades of road-racing experience, provide remarkable grip on both wet and dry roads.
  • Exceptional Comfort and Handling: The supple casing design and profi le of MICHELIN® Scorcher® "31" tires promote nimble handling on winding roads.
  • Long Mileage: Michelin carbon black-enriched rubber compounds promote excellent durability without compromising performance.
   Cruise with Confidence: Innovative rubber compounds, incorporating know-how derived fro
Item #DescriptionExt. DescriptionListImage
87-9430TIRE 130/90B16F SCORCHER 3173HTIRE 130/90B16F SCORCHER 31 73 H$224.95TIRE 130/90B16F SCORCHER 31
87-9431TIRE 130/80B17F SCORCHER 3165HTIRE 130/80B17F SCORCHER 31 65 H$245.95TIRE 130/80B17F SCORCHER 31
87-9432TIRE 130/70B18F SCORCHER 3163HTIRE 130/70B18F SCORCHER 31 63 H$282.95TIRE 130/70B18F SCORCHER 31
87-9433TIRE 100/90B19F SCORCHER 3157HTIRE 100/90B19F SCORCHER 31 57 H$189.95TIRE 100/90B19F SCORCHER 31
87-9434TIRE 130/60B19F SCORCHER 3161HTIRE 130/60B19F SCORCHER 31 61 H$198.95TIRE 130/60B19F SCORCHER 31
87-9435TIRE 80/90-21F SCORCHER 3154HTIRE 80/90-21F SCORCHER 31 54H $186.95TIRE 80/90-21F SCORCHER 31
87-9439TIRE 150/80B16R SCORCHER 3177TIRE 150/80B16R SCORCHER 31 77 $259.95TIRE 150/80B16R SCORCHER 31
87-9440TIRE 180/65B16R SCORCHER 3181HTIRE 180/65B16R SCORCHER 31 81 H$345.95TIRE 180/65B16R SCORCHER 31
87-9441TIRE 160/70B17R SCORCHER 3173VTIRE 160/70B17R SCORCHER 31 73 V$291.95TIRE 160/70B17R SCORCHER 31
87-9442TIRE 180/60B17R SCORCHER 3175VTIRE 180/60B17R SCORCHER 31 75 V$318.95TIRE 180/60B17R SCORCHER 31