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At the core of your business is data.  A lot of data.  And we understand that.  Over the past 2 years we've created a number of web services aimed at helping our dealers run their businesses more efficiently.  Whether it's getting real time inventory levels, real time pricing, automated order processing, or perhaps a long description on a FLY Maverik boot.  We listened to you, and we made it happen.  But we noticed we were starting to get spread out in all the services we offered.  It was hard for users to keep track of them all, each had their own format, and some just weren't fast enough.  So we decided to rebuild them and roll them up into one set of simple lightning fast services.  All with the idea that data access needs to be simple.

Figure 1.0 Shows the typical use case for the V2.0 Web services.

Web Services Diagram

In Figure 1.0 you see the Dealer Web Server that makes a request for data from V2.0 web services at wpswebservices.com.  The Dealer Web Server must be a server with a static IP address.  In order for that server to access V2.0 Web Services the dealer will need to write a custom program in any programming language they choose.  The program must make http requests to wpswebservices.com and then parse one of the many formats that the V2.0 Web Services responds with.  Using this data the dealer could create a custom e-commerce website, or a even a point of sale system.

Version 2.0 addresses a number of needs, all of which came from you, our dealers.  Some of the most common questions were:

  • “Do you have all your data in a file I can just download?” Version 2.0 = YES

  • “Does your data include estimated weights?” Version 2.0 = YES*

  • “Can you feed me just the parts that have changed during a specific time frame?” Version 2.0 = YES

  • “Can you feed me data in a JSON, CSV, XML, PHP object notation, Python object notation, or Ruby object notation?” Version 2.0 = YES**

  • “Can your data services respond in milliseconds?” Version 2.0 = YES***

  • “Can I just use your image servers” Version 2.0 = YES

These are just a few of the reasons we decided to rebuild our web services.  Some of the current data projects we have already in progress like product attributes are also built into Version 2.0 of the web services.  Sure we have a ways to go before we have attribute data for all of our products.  But the ones we do have are available right now.  And more are being added every day.

Our services are powered by Amazon AWS and utilize auto scaling, load balancing, and multiple AZ fail-over.  So you can feel confident building your data infrastructure on top of our web services. 

All you need to do to get started using Version 2.0 of the web services is sign up by clicking here.

Explore the links on the left to learn more about the features of Version 2.0.

*Not all products have estimated weights assigned.
**Not all services are provided in every format.
***Larger web service requests covering hundreds of products may take multiple seconds to complete.


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