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Highway 21 Adventures Blog: Escape: [ih-skeyp]

October 21, 2016

Situated directly in front of the office, Highway 21 makes for a welcome and easy escape from the struggles and responsibilities of everyday life. To this day, despite modern luxuries such as asphalt and the occasional guardrail, the road leading to Idaho City has not changed much since the early days of 1860. Yet unlike the settlers of that bygone era, Highway 21 consistently provides the riches we’ve been looking for. Read the latest Highway...

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FLY Racing's McAdoo Wins MEC Amateur All Stars

October 17, 2016

  A big congratulations goes out to FLY Racing's Cameron McAdoo for his big win in the MEC Amateur All Stars class. Listen in on Cameron's...

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FLY Racing Launches Limited Edition Tie-Dye Gear Colorway

October 14, 2016

Starting with the same flexible, lightweight and breathable materials as the Lite Hydrogen racewear, FLY Racing designers created this special retro graphic that hits the mark...

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