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Fire Power Standard Chains
Lots Of New Options!

  • Designed and manufactured in Japan
  • Hardened and shot peened components
  • Solid rollers, pre-stretched
  • All chains are available in natural finish, gold finish available depending on chain pitch/length
  • All chains supplied with clip style master links
  • All rolls of chain include 5 master links per 25' of chain
Designed and manufactured in JapanHardened and shot peened componentsSolid rollers, pre-stretchedAll
Item #DescriptionExt. DescriptionListImage
692-1001FPS MASTER LINK 420 CLIPFPS MASTER LINK 420 CLIP $1.25Image unavailable
692-1001GFPS MASTER LINK 420 CLIP GLDFPS MASTER LINK 420 CLIP GLD $1.25Image unavailable
692-1078FPS CHAIN 420X78STANDARD CHAIN 420X78 $8.50FPS CHAIN 420X78
692-1092FPS CHAIN 420X92STANDARD CHAIN 420X92 $9.95FPS CHAIN 420X92
692-1098FPS CHAIN 420X98STANDARD CHAIN 420X98 $10.95FPS CHAIN 420X98
692-1100FPS CHAIN 420X100STANDARD CHAIN 420X100 $10.95FPS CHAIN 420X100
692-1100GFPS CHAIN 420X100 GLDSTANDARD CHAIN 420X100 GOLD$14.95Image unavailable
692-11025FPS 25FT CHAIN 420STANDARD 25 FT CHAIN $59.95Image unavailable
692-1104FPS CHAIN 420X104STANDARD CHAIN 420X104 $11.50FPS CHAIN 420X104
692-1110FPS CHAIN 420X110STANDARD CHAIN 420X110 $11.95FPS CHAIN 420X110
692-1114FPS CHAIN 420X114STANDARD CHAIN 420X114 $12.50FPS CHAIN 420X114
692-1120FPS CHAIN 420X120STANDARD CHAIN 420X120 $13.50FPS CHAIN 420X120
692-1120GFPS CHAIN 420X120 GLDSTANDARD CHAIN 420X120 GOLD$17.95Image unavailable
692-1130FPS CHAIN 420X130STANDARD CHAIN 420X130 $14.50FPS CHAIN 420X130
692-1136FPS CHAIN 420X136STANDARD CHAIN 420X136 $14.95FPS CHAIN 420X136
692-2001FPS MASTER LINK 428 CLIPSTANDARD CLIP MASTER LINK $1.25Image unavailable
692-2092FPS CHAIN 428X92STANDARD CHAIN 428X92 $11.95FPS CHAIN 428X92
692-2100FPS CHAIN 428X100STANDARD CHAIN 428X100 $12.50FPS CHAIN 428X100
692-21025FPS 25FT CHAIN 428STANDARD 25 FT CHAIN $68.95Image unavailable
692-2104FPS CHAIN 428X104STANDARD CHAIN 428X104 $13.50FPS CHAIN 428X104
692-2110FPS CHAIN 428X110STANDARD CHAIN 428X110 $13.95FPS CHAIN 428X110
692-2112FPS CHAIN 428X112STANDARD CHAIN 428X112 $13.95FPS CHAIN 428X112
692-2114FPS CHAIN 428X114STANDARD CHAIN 428X114 $14.50FPS CHAIN 428X114
692-2118FPS CHAIN 428X118STANDARD CHAIN 428X118 $14.95FPS CHAIN 428X118
692-2120FPS CHAIN 428X120STANDARD CHAIN 428X120 $14.95FPS CHAIN 428X120
692-2124FPS CHAIN 428X124STANDARD CHAIN 428X124 $15.95FPS CHAIN 428X124
692-2130FPS CHAIN 428X130STANDARD CHAIN 428X130 $15.95FPS CHAIN 428X130
692-2132FPS CHAIN 428X132STANDARD CHAIN 428X132 $16.95FPS CHAIN 428X132
692-2136FPS CHAIN 428X136STANDARD CHAIN 428X136 $16.95FPS CHAIN 428X136
692-4001FPS MASTER LINK 520 CLIPSTANDARD CLIP MASTER LINK $1.50Image unavailable
692-4088FPS CHAIN 520X88STANDARD CHAIN 520X88 $18.95FPS CHAIN 520X88
692-4090FPS CHAIN 520X90STANDARD CHAIN 520X90 $19.95FPS CHAIN 520X90
692-4096FPS CHAIN 520X96STANDARD CHAIN 520X96 $20.95FPS CHAIN 520X96
692-4100FPS CHAIN 520X100STANDARD CHAIN 520X100 $21.95FPS CHAIN 520X100
692-4102FPS CHAIN 520X102STANDARD CHAIN 520X102 $21.95FPS CHAIN 520X102
692-41025FPS 25FT CHAIN 520STANDARD 25 FT CHAIN $103.95Image unavailable
692-4104FPS CHAIN 520X104STANDARD CHAIN 520X104 $22.95FPS CHAIN 520X104
692-4106FPS CHAIN 520X106STANDARD CHAIN 520X106 $22.95FPS CHAIN 520X106
692-4108FPS CHAIN 520X108STANDARD CHAIN 520X108 $22.95FPS CHAIN 520X108
692-4110FPS CHAIN 520X110STANDARD CHAIN 520X110 $23.95FPS CHAIN 520X110
692-4112FPS CHAIN 520X112STANDARD CHAIN 520X112 $23.95FPS CHAIN 520X112
692-4114FPS CHAIN 520X114STANDARD CHAIN 520X114 $24.95FPS CHAIN 520X114
692-4116FPS CHAIN 520X116STANDARD CHAIN 520X116 $24.95FPS CHAIN 520X116
692-4118FPS CHAIN 520X118STANDARD CHAIN 520X118 $25.95FPS CHAIN 520X118
692-4120FPS CHAIN 520X120STANDARD CHAIN 520X120 $25.95FPS CHAIN 520X120
692-4130FPS CHAIN 520X130STANDARD CHAIN 520X130 $27.95FPS CHAIN 520X130
692-6001FPS MASTER LINK 530 CLIPFPS MASTER LINK 530 CLIP $1.95Image unavailable
692-6100FPS CHAIN 530X100STANDARD CHAIN 530X100 $22.95FPS CHAIN 530X100
692-6102FPS CHAIN 530X102STANDARD CHAIN 530X102 $22.95FPS CHAIN 530X102
692-61025FPS 25FT CHAIN 530STANDARD 25 FT CHAIN $108.95Image unavailable
692-6104FPS CHAIN 530X104STANDARD CHAIN 530X104 $23.95FPS CHAIN 530X104
692-6106FPS CHAIN 530X106STANDARD CHAIN 530X106 $23.95FPS CHAIN 530X106
692-6110FPS CHAIN 530X110STANDARD CHAIN 530X110 $24.95FPS CHAIN 530X110
692-6112FPS CHAIN 530X112STANDARD CHAIN 530X112 $24.95FPS CHAIN 530X112
692-6114FPS CHAIN 530X114STANDARD CHAIN 530X114 $25.95FPS CHAIN 530X114
692-6116FPS CHAIN 530X116STANDARD CHAIN 530X116 $25.95FPS CHAIN 530X116
692-6120FPS CHAIN 530X120STANDARD CHAIN 530X120 $26.95FPS CHAIN 530X120
692-6130FPS CHAIN 530X130STANDARD CHAIN 530X130 $29.95FPS CHAIN 530X130