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Alpinestars Releases Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ Tech 10 Boot

March 16, 2017 - 3:36 PM
Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ Tech 10 Boot

Indianapolis, Indiana – Indianapolis is one of those American cities that has a long and loving relationship with racing. In fact, some would say Indianapolis was the birthplace of American Motorsports. Sanctioned  Motorcycle Racing in the city dates back to 1909, and if you fast-­‐forward about 83 years, AMA Supercross makes its debut in the American Motorsports  hub.

Similarly to Indianapolis, Alpinestars has a rich heritage in motorsports and more specifically in motocross. The company was founded in 1963 and shortly thereafter went on to make the world’s first  motocross specific boot. Just 9 years later, Alpinestars entered their revolutionary motocross boot  in a prestigious competition held by the Fashion Academy in Turin, Italy. Alpinestars won the monumental award that year, and went on for a repeat win from the Academy again in 1973. Understandably proud of this achievement, the Oscar by Alpinestars logo was born. Since then, innumerable champions have proudly sported the Oscar by Alpinestars logo emblazed across their chest.

Since the early 90’s, countless podiums and bar-banging battles have transpired in Indy. With Supercross headed back to Indianapolis this weekend, Alpinestars has decided to dedicate a Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ boot that emblazes the iconic Oscar by Alpinestars logo to the city for its long and rich dedication to motorsports.

The ‘Indianapolis' Tech 10 offers unrivalled race-­‐winning performance to motocross riders who demand nothing less than the best. The Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis' Tech 10 fuses all the performance innovations of the iconic Tech 10 with an exclusive color combination. The result, a premium performance motocross boot with timelessly designed aesthetics.


  • The one-piece co-injected foot chassis incorporates five different advanced polymer compounds in a single streamlined and lightweight piece to offer strength and flexibility throughout the structure, while maintaining its robust structural integrity with no joints or weak points.
  • Innovative, lightweight upper combines full-grain leather with advanced lightweight microfiber and an impact and abrasion resistant TPU shell.


  • The Tech 10 boot is CE certified
  • Frontal protection features a dual closure system with an internal microfiber flap, plus Velcro® for a precise fit closure attached securely with a micro-adjustable, easy to operate, lightweight buckle
  • Shin incorporates a unique TPU blade system engineered to prevent frontal hyperextension and offer greater flex control
  • Contoured TPU calf protector plate offers impact resistance and incorporates Alpinestars innovative rear blade system, formed with hard shock resistant polymer to protect the heel and features a rear hyperextension guard
  • Innovative, ergonomic design for lateral and medial flex zones to provide superb front and rear flexion support which helps prevent damaging torsional forces around the ankle area


  • Exclusive dual compound sole is seamlessly integrated to the multi-density foot base structure with built-in support. The sole offers superior durability, grip and feel while riding
  • New buckle closure system includes high-impact aluminum bridge closures, with memory and a quick release/locking system with self-aligning design for easy, precise closure and improved riding performance and security. All buckles are easily replaceable
  • Poly-fabric lining with 3D open cell foam incorporates anti-slip suede on heel area to keep foot located inside the boot


  • Innovative biomechanical inner ankle brace features medial and lateral “C” torsion bars to control ankle and leg rotation, while allowing freedom of movement
  • These dual connection torsion bars offer the rider natural ankle movement with progressive damping of torsional forces during an accident

Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ Tech 10 Boot

Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ Tech 10 Boot

Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ Tech 10 Boot

Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ Tech 10 Boot

Limited Edition ‘Indianapolis’ Tech 10 Boot


Established in 1963, Alpinestars is the world-leading manufacturer of high-performance motorcycling and motorsports apparel, clothing and safety gear. Alpinestars’ goal has always been to give racers the competitive edge by continuously innovating and developing new technologies and materials to improve performance. In the fast and competitive arena of motorsport, even the smallest improvement can translate into significant gain. The same approach to continued technical development is applied to road apparel safety, function and comfort.

The leading athletes in every conceivable motorsport discipline provide direct feedback to aid the development of Alpinestars’ technical products, from Formula 1 to NASCAR, U.S. Supercross and Motocross to MotoGP. With this input and expertise, combined with highly specialist research and development departments and laboratory testing facilities in the US and Europe, Alpinestars ensure that they are constantly pushing the limits of technology with each new product they launch, benefiting customers on both two and four wheels.

Wherever there’s a devotion to racing and performance, Alpinestars is there.