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Alpinestars Releases Limited Edition Radiant Tech 10

January 5, 2017 - 7:28 PM


Anaheim, California – The gate to Angel’s Stadium opens, in enters a caravan of dump-trucks all full of Southern California’s finest soil. It has begun… again. Track development for one of the most anticipated Supercross races of the year is underway and the countdown to showtime has commenced. Anaheim 1 is just days away.

There is something about A1 that both fans and racers alike cannot deny… the electrified crowd, the lights, the fireworks, and the high race speeds all partner to create a radiating experience. To celebrate all the glory that is Anaheim 1, Alpinestars has created the Limited Edition ‘Radiant’ Tech 10.

The world’s most technologically advanced and protective motocross boot, the Tech 10 offers unrivalled race-winning performance to dirt riders who demand nothing less than the best. The Limited Edition ‘Radiant’ Tech 10 fuses all the performance innovations of the iconic Tech 10 with an exclusive color combination. Bright and vivid, the ‘Radiant’ Tech 10 features a fluo yellow lower chassis, a luminous pink front upper, and a bright white shin plate. To complete the look, the rear of the boot is sleek black with an Alpinestars logo accented in white. The result is a vibrant, high performance motocross boot worthy to be debuted at one of the most exciting Supercross rounds of the year.

Available now in limited quantity from WPS!

About Alpinestars

Established in 1963, Alpinestars is the world-leading manufacturer of high-performance motorcycling and motorsports apparel, clothing and safety gear. Alpinestars’ goal has always been to give racers the competitive edge by continuously innovating and developing new technologies and materials to improve performance. In the fast and competitive arena of motorsport, even the smallest improvement can translate into significant gain. The same approach to continued technical development is applied to road apparel safety, function and comfort.

The leading athletes in every conceivable motorsport discipline provide direct feedback to aid the development of Alpinestars’ technical products, from Formula 1 to NASCAR, U.S. Supercross and Motocross to MotoGP. With this input and expertise, combined with highly specialist research and development departments and laboratory testing facilities in the US and Europe, Alpinestars ensure that they are constantly pushing the limits of technology with each new product they launch, benefiting customers on both two and four wheels.

Wherever there’s a devotion to racing and performance, Alpinestars is there.