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Fire Power Rolls Out New Chains For 2017

January 4, 2017 - 11:12 PM

WPS is excited to continue growing our performance focused in-house brand Fire Power. New for 2017, Fire Power has released four chains lines for ATV’s, Offroad, Street and HD Twin motorcycles.

Each line comes in a  color coded box to ensure you know which chain you're buying, every time.  With dozens of options and sizes, you can shop with ease to find the perfect fit.

Our blue box Standard chain, yellow box Heavy-Duty Chain, orange box O-Ring Sealed Chain and red box X-Ring Sealed chain have been meticulously designed by experts in Japan to ensure longevity and quality for your ride.

Fire Power’s Standard and Heavy-Duty chain feature shot peened components available in a natural finish or gold finish depending on the chain pitch and length.

In addition, the Standard and Heavy-Duty come with clip style master links and every roll includes five master links for every 25' of chain.

The O-Ring and X-Ring Sealed Chains are also available in natural and gold finishes featuring quad stake riveted pins that are pre-stretched for easy installation.


Ask your nearest WPS dealer for Fire Power chains and upgrade today.