Alpinestars Releases LE "Prodigy" Youth Boots

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Posted on August 1st, 2017 in New Products

Hurricane Mills, Tennessee - The word "crucible" does not usually spring to mind when thinking of Tennessee. Yet for one week at the height of summer, the depths of strength, endurance and talent are tested to find a diamond in the rough, a prodigy. Some of the most memorable racers in the sport have made their mark at Loretta Lynn's Ranch.

Stanton, Bradshaw, Emig, Carmichael, Stewart, Tomac to name a few. Each showing a glimpse of the potential to be champion, some, to be the greatest. Matching the exceptional qualities of the young racers at Loretta's comes a boot with both protection and style; the Limited Edition 'Prodigy' Tech 7s. So, whether it's the night show in Anaheim or the first qualifier of the 65cc mods, Alpinestars has Limited Edition boots to help you stand proud on the top of the podium, no matter young. The pros of tomorrow wear the Tech 7s.

The Limited Edition 'Prodigy' Tech 7s fuses all the performance innovations of the recently introduced Tech 7S with a stunning new color combination. Sporting a lower black chassis, high-­-vis fluorescent yellow front and a fast green highlight under the tongue and aft result in a visually captivating, high-­-performance motocross boot with sophisticated and modern motorsports feel. Uncompromising in protection and performance, the Tech 7s is the pinnacle youth motocross boot. The 'Prodigy' Tech 7s will be available while supplies last.