FLY Racing Releases 2018.5 Kinetic Mesh Gear

Latest News » FLY Racing Releases 2018.5 Kinetic Mesh Gear

Posted on March 9th, 2018 in News, New Products

Along with warmer weather and longer days comes a renewed interest to get back out there and attack the track like never before. 

Prepare yourself for the warm and humid days of summer with FLY Racing's 2018.5 Kinetic Mesh Racewear. FLY's mesh racewear technology provides massive airflow from carefully integrated mesh panels while a second layer of mesh prevents dirt from entering. It's like an air filter for your body: flow air, filter dirt. 

Kinetic Mesh Racewear is available as a pant and jersey combo in four Era graphic colorways, and an exclusive Rockstar Racing graphic. Throw some gas in the tank, suit-up, and get out there and ride this summer.


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