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Posted on October 5th, 2017 in News


Boise, ID – October 13, 2017 – WPS (Western Power Sports, Inc.) is pleased to announce a new business partnership with Scorpion Sports, Inc. and its parent company, Kido Sports, Inc.

Effective Monday, October 16th, WPS (along with its V-twin division HardDrive) will be the exclusive distributor for all new and current Scorpion products in the USA.

Moving forward, Scorpion will continue to concentrate on its brand, product development, and marketing while WPS/HardDrive will take over sales and distribution. WPS has worked closely with the Scorpion team to make this transition as seamless as possible.

“Our team has identified Scorpion as a brand with innovative, quality and value-minded products that complement our growing list of brand offerings,” explains WPS President and CEO, Craig Shoemaker. “Working together, we share a common vision that sees this new alliance as an exceptional opportunity for growth for all parties, especially our dealers and their customers. We both want quality gear stocked by our dealers that provides good margins and unequaled quality and value. We see that in Scorpion.”

Key details include:

  • WPS/HardDrive will stock Scorpion products in all six of its warehouse locations
  • A WPS/Scorpion 2018 Catalog will be available soon
  • Pricing and MAP policies established by Scorpion will be respected and transferred to WPS/HardDrive
  • WPS/HardDrive will deliver new fall-launch product on the first day of distribution

"Today's market demands total excellence in product, value, design, brand, and distribution. Having a great product is not enough. Customers want it quicker, accurately and at a fair price. This new alliance with WPS delivers on all of these categories," stated Frank Esposito, President and COO of Scorpion Sports, Inc.

WPS is happy to welcome Scorpion Sports into the WPS and HardDrive family of vendors.

Photo: Tanner Yeager

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Photo: Scorpion Sports

Photo: Scorpion Sports

Photo: Scorpion Sports

Photo: Scorpion Sports

Photo: Scorpion Sports