FLY Racing H.E.P. Suzuki Partnership Rev Up 2023 SuperMotocross

Latest News » FLY Racing H.E.P. Suzuki Partnership Rev Up 2023 SuperMotocross

Posted on March 22nd, 2023


FLY Racing is thrilled to partner with former racer Dustin Pipes and the factory Suzuki team. The former FLY racer, now co-owner of H.E.P. Motorsports, has a winning team and strong brand-backing to contend for podiums during the 2023 racing season. “I sought out easily recognized and top-performing brands,” said Dustin. “Western Power Sports, FLY Racing and Twisted Tea are all well-entrenched in the industry and represent a true passion for motorcycle racing.”


“It’s exciting to see this relationship come full circle,” said Dalton Braun, Western Power Sports and FLY Racing sports marketing manager. Dalton first worked with Dustin as FLY Racing’s pro athlete manager in 2017 when Dustin was a privateer racer on team TPJ Racing. “Our partnership with Dustin and the H.E.P. Motorsports Suzuki team further demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing elite performance gear.”


Team H.E.P. Suzuki consists of multi-time champion Ken Roczen (#94), long-time sport-veteran Kyle Chisholm (#11) and recently crowned World Supercross SX2 Champion Shane McElrath (#12), all atop 450 machines this season. Dilan Schwartz (#85) and Marshal Weltin (#50) round out the team as 250-class contenders this year. All but Roczen are wearing FLY Racing’s high-quality racewear, including pants, jerseys, gloves and helmets crafted for performance. The team trusts FLY Racing’s industry-leading Formula Carbon helmet for elevated defense against various impacts. With its Adaptive Impact System and weighing only 2.8 pounds, the helmet has been tested under rigorous scientific review and exceeds U.S. Department of Transportation and Economic Commission for Europe standards.


“I’ve stuck with FLY since I was a 65 rider. FLY Racing is all about performance, and everything they make looks good,” said Shane. “The Kinetic and Evolution jerseys are spot on with the perfect fit and maximum performance.”


“FLY doesn’t hold me back on the track,” said west coast 250SX contender Dilan Schwartz. “The gear just keeps getting better and better. I opt for the absolute in total head protection with the Formula Carbon helmet.”


Kicking the 2023 SuperMotocross season into high gear, team H.E.P. Suzuki’s been staying consistent thus far. With 250SX East coast rider Marshal Weltin placing just outside the top ten with an 11th overall at Daytona to teammates Shane McElrath and Dilan Schwartz earning some respectable 13th-place overall finishes this season, we can look forward to these guys continuing in the right direction. While Kyle Chisholm is still recovering from a hurt knee from weeks prior, he went on and raced with his veteran experience to finish with his best finish of the season with 14th place overall at Indianapolis Supercross. Ready to see what this RM ARMY will do at this weekend’s round at the Lumen Field in Seattle, Washington?