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The WPS API utilizes a technique called "cursoring" to paginate large result sets.

Cursoring allows deep paging of massive data sets without sacrificing performance. Cursoring separates results into pages (the size of which are defined by the page[size] request parameter) and provides a means to move backwards and forwards through these pages.

Paging through the results is accomplished by sending a page[cursor] parameter in your requests. Cursors are provided at the bottom of the response in the meta property in an object containing defined current, prev, or next properties.

To retrieve cursored results, you initially avoid sending a cursor parameter to the endpoint. By default, the endpoints will assume page[cursor]=null was passed as the cursor if you do not provide one.

The next value is the cursor that you should send to the endpoint to receive the next batch of responses, and the prev is the cursor that you should send to receive the previous batch.

You will know that you have requested the last available page of results when the API endpoint responds with a next = null in the cursor object. This makes a standard while loop in the programming language of your choice an ideal mechanism for making several requests in succession. Just keeping looping while the next property is not null.



Note that we did not send a page[cursor] initially.

Response (truncated)

	"data": {
	"meta": {
		"cursor": {
			"current": "mZOYdKDe5K49",
			"prev": null,
			"next": "lqjMdY6e6Z07",
			"count": 10

We now have a means to move forwards through our data set, via the next cursor. Also note, the prev property is null because we're at the first page.

To retrieve the next page of results, we can send the next cursor we just got on our subsequent request like so...


...And the next page of results is returned. Keep advancing until the next cursor is null, which indicates that there are no more remaining pages.