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Dealer Pricing

Dealer pricing allows you to query for your actual costs.

Dealer Pricing By Item

Query pricing by Item

GET https://api.wps-inc.com/dealer-pricing/216584

Dealer Pricing File

This endpoint allows you to request a file of your actual dealer costs custom tailored to you with any discounts and/or special pricing you have.

GET https://api.wps-inc.com/dealer-pricing

Response codes

202 - the pricing file is being generated (poll until 200 response)

200 - the location to the pricing file is returned in the response body

A word about caching

Computing dealer pricing is an expensive operation, so we try to return cached data whenever possible. Pricing files are cached for up to two days. If the data is not cached when you query for dealer pricing, you'll receive a 202 response; a background job is also fired to start compiling the pricing data. Give the job a few moments to complete, and then submit the request again. When the job has completed, that request will receive a 200 response with the location to the pricing file in the response body.