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Order Processing Overview

The Order Processing web services were created to give dealers the ability to transmit orders dynamically.

Maybe you use a web based shopping cart and need to quickly submit drop ship orders. Or you've created your own POS system. This service was created for you. We want to make sure we stay out in front of the competition and we know you do too. So we created this system for those people who see that automation is the key to future success in our industry. To be able to rapidly fulfill your customer orders creates a good user experience. That good user experience creates a repetitious customer.

Order Processing has two primary components

First you send a request to create a cart. If successful, you can then send a requests to add items to the cart that was created. Then when ready, you can send a request to submit that cart as an order. The cart will be processed in the same manner as if it were submitted through the wpsorders.com ordering system. The order status can then be requested. Please take look at the links above to explore the options and responses of these services.

Before you begin

We're always looking for dealer feedback and feature requests. If you have a feature that you need in order to process orders, feel free to ask. We're here to help you. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please examine the documentation provided by the links on the left first. Many times the answer will be there.