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Create a cart, add items, and then submit. Use the dealer defaults, or specify cart options.

Create a Cart

POST https://api.wps-inc.com/carts

po_number string

A string identifier for the cart. Used to add items and submit the order. Required

default_warehouse string

The default warehouse.

  • CA = Fresno, CA
  • GA = Midway, GA
  • ID = Boise, ID
  • IN = Ashley, IN
  • PA = Elizabethtown, PA
  • TX = Midlothian, TX
ship_via string

The shipping method code.

  • AH2D = FedEx 2-Day (AK/HI only)
  • BEST = Best Ground method available
  • FE1D = Fedex 1 Day
  • FE2D = Fedex 2 Day
  • UP1D = UPS 1 Day Red
  • UP2D = UPS 2 Day Blue
  • US1C = USPS Priority Mail
  • US4C = USPS Parcel Post
cross_ship_via string

The cross ship method code. Available options are found under ship_via.

ship_to string

A 7 character ship to #, assigned by WPS.

ship_name string (max 30)

The drop ship recipient.

ship_address1 string (max 30)

The drop ship address line 1.

ship_address2 string (max 30)

The drop ship address line 2.

ship_address3 string (max 30)

The drop ship address line 3.

ship_city string (max 17)

The drop ship address city.

ship_state string (max 2)

The drop ship address state.

ship_zip string (max 15)

The drop ship address zip code.

ship_phone string (max 15)

The drop ship phone number.

email string (max 50)

The drop ship email address.

comment1 string (max 50)

The comment (line 1).

comment2 string (max 50)

The comment (line 2)

allow_backorder boolean

Allow back order.

hold_order boolean

Hold order.

multiple_warehouse boolean

Fill from multiple warehouses.

proof_of_delivery boolean

The signature is required.

promo_code string

The promo code.

pay_type string

CC = credit card, OO = open order

cc_last_four integer

The last four digits of the credit card on file to use.

description string (max 50)

The cart description.

cart_number string

The unique number assigned to the cart.

po_number string

PO number used when cart was created.

shipment_type string

The shipment type.

Show Cart

GET https://api.wps-inc.com/carts/{po_number}

Add Items to Cart

POST https://api.wps-inc.com/carts/{po_number}/items

item_sku or item_id string

The Item SKU or Item ID can be used.Required

quantity integer

Item quantity desiredRequired

note string (max 30)

A note.

sku string

The item SKU.

name string

The item name.

available_quantity integer

The available quantity.

backorder_quantity integer

The backorder quantity.

dealer_price float

The actual dealer price.

Delete Cart

DELETE https://api.wps-inc.com/carts/{po_number}