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The Vehicle endpoint allows you to retrieve a collection of all our Vehicles, or the data surrounding a specific Vehicle via the entity endpoint.

The association of Vehiclemodels to Vehicleyears form first-class citizens we call Vehicles. A Vehicle is just that; the actual, physical machine. It is a veritable dirt bike, or ATV, or snowmobile, or whatever. But even still, it is not just a model that was produced at some point in time, like for example a CRF250R; it is a specific year 2014 CRF250R dirt bike.

If any exist in our system, you can also determine the Attributevalues that are associated to the Vehicle, such as OEM specifications like: Bolt Pattern, Fuel Capacity, etc.

Lastly, if you wish to determine all the Items associated with a particular vehicle, the Vehicles endpoint is where you would make that request.


In an effort to clarify the relationship between the various vehicle entities, we've shared this enhanced entity-relationship (EER) diagram illustration.

Example requests





...or send multiple ids separated by a comma(,)


Associated Attributevalues


Associated Items